How to Make a String in "Minecraft"


"Minecraft" began as the personal project of Markus Persson, and mushroomed into a cult hit and an eventual development company. Players are released into a sandbox environment with no goals to speak of, but with the ability to gather raw materials to reshape and rebuild the world. Using simple machines and early human innovations, gamers develop increasingly complex objects. The string, among the earliest of devices to be put to utilitarian use, is available to create items like a fishing poles, bows and cloth.

Things You'll Need

  • Weapon (optional)
  • Approach a tree anywhere on the map and hold the left mouse button to begin punching it. Cosmetic effects will appear, making the tree trunk look progressively weaker, until it shatters and leaves you a piece of wood. Repeat this process to acquire wood as needed.

  • Press "i" to bring up your inventory window. Drag your raw logs into the input squares of the "Crafting" section of your inventory, then drag the lumber from the output square to one of your inventory squares. Each log yields four pieces of lumber.

  • Right-click your stack of lumber to split it in half, then drag one half to the upper-right crafting tile and another to the bottom-right tile. Drag the output sticks to the far-left "hotkey" square of your inventory.

  • Press "1" to equip a stick and wait for nightfall for enemies to appear. When you come upon a spider, press the left mouse button to swing the stick at the spider and hit it repeatedly until it dies and yields string. While a vanquished enemy does not always drop resources, you can expect between zero to two pieces of string per spider.

Tips & Warnings

  • Spiders attack back and can wear down your hit points until your death.

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