How to Make Metal Sculptures in "Sims 3"


Sims have never been as creative as they are The Sims 3; with the Ambitions expansion pack, your crafty kinsmen can take up the art of sculpting. You can make metal sculptures immediately at level 1 of the skill. To get started, your Sim needs to buy a sculpting station.

Acquiring the Sculpting Station

  • Sculpting differs from other skills because there are no teaching tools. The only way to improve your skill is to practice on your own. In Buy Mode, you can find the Pedestrian Sculpting Station for 1,100 Simoleons. You can purchase this whether you live in a residential building or in a university dorm.

    Selecting the sculpting station gives you the option to sculpt, provided you have materials on-hand to use.

Gathering Metal for Use

  • To make metal sculptures, you'll have to scavenge scrap metal from various sources. For example, your Sim can rummage through garbage cans or dig through piles of scrap in the Junkyard, or he can purchase an invention bench and directly purchase scrap -- a good option once you've already begun making money from your work.

    The amount of scrap you'll need for any given sculpture will vary, but you'll want to make sure you have a generous amount anyway -- try gathering 50 pieces of scrap before a long day of sculpting.

Types of Sculptures to Make

  • Although you can control the material of the next sculpture your Sim crafts, it's not possible for you to determine the exact sculpture; your Sim crafts whatever design he feels like making. It is possible to fail to make a sculpture, which results in your Sim getting angry and breaking it.

    With metal, your Sim can make the Larger Than Life statue, the Shiny Things metal chair, scraps for your SimBot, the Shapely Conundrum or the Steely Stallion.

Efficiently Improving the Sculpting Skill

  • Without any classes or skill books, it's up to genetics to give your Sim an edge over other sculptors. Also introduced in Ambitions is the Savvy Sculptor trait, which also makes your Sim less likely to damage his sculpture. Artistic Sims may also learn the skill a little more quickly, but it's a potentially trivial amount you may not notice.

    If you've already created your Sim, you can enable testing cheats to re-enter Create-a-Sim.

    Finally, although going to University and spending time with artistic Sims might help inspire your sculptor, those actions offer no additional benefit to your career or skill versus learning from home.

Making Additional Money on the Side

  • Registering as self-employed at City Hall gives your Sim the ability to start a sculpting career. You'll earn higher ranks and reputation by surpassing certain profit thresholds; for example, the first 50 Simoleons earned takes your Sim from a Questionable Potter to a Cro-Magnon Clay Creator. To sell your sculptures, drag them from your inventory to the Simoleon icon that appears on-screen.

    If you own the World Adventures expansion pack, it's very helpful to purchase the No Bills Ever lifetime reward; otherwise, the more sculptures you have filling up your home, the higher your bills will be.

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