How to Make a Mushroomhead Mask


Create your own Mushroomhead mask to protect your anonymity and fit in with the original Mushroomhead ethos. Choose dark materials and add leather, rubber or metallic accessories to personalize your mark and create an erotic, fetish style. Take inspiration from a commercially available mask or create your own unique look that fits with the band's image of darkness and hidden faces where the music is more important than the looks of the musicians.

Things You'll Need

  • Balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Thick nylon netting
  • Liquid rubber
  • Strong glue
  • Crafting knife
  • Leather and rubber offcuts
  • Hair extensions
  • Cotton thread
  • Crochet hook
  • Elastic
  • Blow up the balloon until it is roughly the size of your head. Tie it off and use it as a base for your mask. Stretch the nylon netting over the balloon and tie into into place with thin cotton.

  • Tear the newspaper into one-inch strips and paste over the balloon and netting to create a paper-mache cover in the shape of the mask you require. Keep adding layers until the mask in about one-eighth of an inch thick. Leave to dry.

  • Cover the dried mask with liquid rubber or liquid latex and leave to set. Pop the balloon and peel away from the inside of the mask. Cut the mask to shape, using the crafting knife to cut out eye holes and nostril holes.

  • Build up features with leather, metal or layers of liquid rubber to create the facial features you want. Attach elastic to the sides to keep the mask in place. Bore a hole into each side of the mask and use a double loop of elastic. Spray or paint more liquid rubber to strengthen and cover the holes.

  • Add hair extensions to cover the back of your head. Bore a small hole into the top of the mask and pull the hair through with a crochet hook. Secure the hair on the inside with strong tape or glue.

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