How to Draw a Unicorn Step-by-Step


The unicorn is a mysterious animal. In medieval history, the unicorn's horn was thought to neutralize the effects of poison. In India, there are claims of sightings of a unicorn type creature with a long red horn. Other people have said Noah forgot to take unicorns on the Ark, which is why they are now extinct. Whatever your belief, the unicorn is a fantastical animal to draw, traditionally depicted as a white horse with a spiral horn protruding from its nose.

  • Draw a rectangle in the middle of your page to create the horse-shaped body of the unicorn. Add a large circle slightly overlapping the rectangle to the left. Draw a smaller circle on the right-hand side of the rectangle. This is the framework for the unicorn's body.

  • Sketch two thin rectangles vertically on your page. Position one at the front end of the unicorn's body and another at the back to make its legs. Make sure the width of the leg is in proportion to the rest of the animal.

  • Add a large cone at the 10 o'clock position on the larger circle for the unicorn's neck. Angle it 45 degrees to the left, so it protrudes out from the body at the appropriate angle.

  • Sketch a smaller circle overlapping the point of the cone to make a small head, then add a square for the jaw of the unicorn.

  • Follow the outer edge of the skeleton of shapes with your pencil. Trace around the lines to create the outline of the unicorn. Imagine the shape of a horse and incorporate the contours of the horse's body into your picture. The front of the body will be wider than the bottom end. Do this by using the larger and smaller circle to form the body shape.

  • Taper the unicorn's horn into a point, and then add a series of shallow curves down its length. This will help it look more like a spiral shape.

  • Add ruffles of loose hair along the length of its neck to fill in the details of the unicorn's mane. Unicorns appear spritely and magical, so make sure you give it a clean look.

  • Add a fluffy tail. Copy the same style of hair you used for the mane. Incorporate scooping loops or tight curls, depending on your preference.

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