How to Catch Houndour in "Pokémon Crystal"


Houndour is a Dark and Fire-type Pokémon introduced in the second generation "Pokémon Gold," "Silver," and "Crystal" games for the Game Boy Color. It evolves into Houndoom at level 24. Both Houndour and Houndoom specialize in Speed and Special Attack stats, and they can learn powerful attacks such as Crunch and Flamethrower. While Houndour's movepool was rather limited in the second generation of "Pokémon" games, subsequent generations gave it a wider range of attacking options, including Thunder Fang, Nasty Plot and Sucker Punch. In "Pokémon Crystal," players can catch Houndour on Route 7.

  • Purchase around five to ten Poke Balls from a Poké Mart. Place a Pokémon that resists Dark and Fire-type attacks such as Poliwrath at the front of your party. Make sure it is nighttime in the game.

  • Head to Route 7 by exiting east from Celadon City or west from Saffron City. Roam around in the grass until a Houndour appears. This may take several attempts, as Houndour's encounter rate is 20 percent.

  • Weaken Houndour in battle and inflict it with a status condition, such as Paralysis or Sleep. Throw Poke Balls at Houndour until you catch it.

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