How to Catch Pokemon at the Safari Zone


The Safari Zone differs from other areas in "Pokemon" games since you can't battle its inhabitants with your Pokemon like normal. Instead, you have some rocks to provoke Pokemon, bait for luring and distracting and a limited supply of Safari Balls with which to capture them. You only get one chance to try and capture a Pokemon in the Safari Zone upon encountering it, which can prove difficult thanks to the different ruleset in play.

Entry Fee and Equipment

  • Regardless of which Safari Zone you frequent, you'll have to pay 500 Poke Dollars to enter the reserve. For your money, you'll get bait, rocks or mud depending on the game and 30 Safari Zone Balls; you can't use anything you brought with you, even your Pokemon. For every wild Pokemon you encounter within the Safari Zone, you'll need to rely on the given equipment and hope it doesn't flee; it has a chance to run away every time you perform an action. With the exception of the Johto Safari Zone, you always have a limit of 500 steps before being removed from the area. Once you reach the limit, you have to pay the fee again to re-enter.

Safari Zone Strategies

  • Unfortunately, your biggest Safari Zone asset is luck; there's a chance the Pokemon could run away after every action you take, even as early as the first action. It's difficult to catch a Pokemon with full health, so starting with a Safari Zone Ball isn't your best bet. Using a rock or mud angers the Pokemon, giving it a higher chance to run away but also making it more susceptible to being captured. On the other hand, if you opt to feed it bait, the Pokemon becomes happy and more likely to stay, but it's harder to keep it inside the ball. Because catching a Pokemon in the Safari Zone relies so heavily on luck, many players try to throw a single rock or piece of mud to increase their chances and then immediately throw a Safari Ball; that is, if the Pokemon doesn't run away in anger first.

Pokemon ORAS Safari Zone

  • In "Omega Ruby" and "Alpha Sapphire," you can find the Safari Zone on Route 121; this version of the Safari Zone features four areas that you can explore. The types of Pokemon you'll encounter depends on what area of the Safari Zone you are in, with some areas requiring either the Acro Bike or the Mach Bike to enter. You'll also need these bikes, along with other moves such as Surf, to get items within the Safari Zone, like the South East area that contains TM53 Energy Ball. You'll find some very powerful Pokemon within this Safari Zone, such as a Psyduck in the tall grass of the South West area or Magikarp, who can evolve into a powerful Gyarados, in any of the ponds.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

  • In "Pokemon HeartGold" and "SoulSilver," you'll find the Safari Zone northwest of Cianwood City. When you first arrive here, you can arrange the layout of the zone however you'd like; if you accept a second challenge from Safari Zone owner Baoba, you can unlock six more Safari Zone areas to include in the mix, giving you access to even more wild Pokemon. For example, the Rocky Beach is one area you can eventually unlock, containing powerful Pokemon like the Water-type Lapras. Some Pokemon only appear during nighttime hours or daytime hours as well; if you're having trouble finding a Pokemon, try coming back later. One change from other games is that instead of rocks, you are given mud to throw.

Pokemon X/Y Friend Safari

  • In "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y," you'll find the Safari Zone in Kiloude City, but only after defeating the Elite Four. The rules are very different from other Safari Zones, making heavy sense of friend codes. The zones you can access depend on the friend codes you have on your device; every friend code has a zone with three specific Pokemon inside, whether that friend plays "Pokemon" or not. This means a friend you added for "Animal Crossing" might have an ID that generates a Fire Safari, letting you jump in and grab a Charmeleon or Slugma. However, you can only capture two of the three Pokemon in a friend's Safari, unless that friend has defeated the Elite Four in either "X" or "Y." All Pokemon found in the Safari Zone are level 30, and you cannot enter your own personal Safari; that's only a benefit for anyone with your friend code.

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