How to Earn Respect From Coworkers

Respect must be earned in the workplace. Having your coworkers respect is an important part of a quality work environment. Doing your job well and being polite is a good start towards earning respect, but complete respect also requires valuing your coworkers, their work and your own work. There are a few basic behaviors you can exhibit that show you respect your colleagues and also value the work you and your fellow employees provide.


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      Keep detailed personal information and issues to yourself. Do not burden fellow employees with your problems; it may make them uncomfortable. When discussing non-work matters with employees during business hours, be aware of the time you are spending talking to them. Using others' time to discuss your own personal problems is a sure way to irritate fellow employees.

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      Have conversations about politics and religion outside of the workplace. While you may only be stating your opinion, expressing your viewpoint can offend others or cause them to think that you are trying to change their beliefs.

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      Keep your pay rate confidential. Do not talk about raises, bonuses or your pay rate to other employees. Knowing you are paid more or less than others can cause resentment, either from yourself or your colleagues.

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      Be honest about your skills. If you do not know how to do something, ask for help and be willing to help others. Coworkers will respect your honesty and your ability for self-assessment.

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      Keep any unsavory opinions about your boss or other employees to yourself, even if you agree with someone who is complaining about them. You can never be certain of other employees' loyalty and even when they are trustworthy, it is not worth being overheard or having others consider you as a source for workplace gossip.

Tips & Warnings

  • Even if there are already political, social or religious debates occurring, it is still best to refrain from engaging. You cannot predict when these debates may offend people (either participants or those who overhear) or when these discussions will turn into more serious disagreements.
  • Do not overuse help from fellow employees, your work is still your responsibility and everyone in the workplace may be busy with their own projects.
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