How to Use Tofu on a Mac

If you don't enjoy reading text documents in a large window with a single column on your Mac, such as with the free TextEdit application that comes installed on every Mac, you might prefer to read material arranged in columns, using the free Tofu application. Tofu displays text much in the same way as a magazine or newspaper does -- in narrow columns that are easier to follow than scanning longer lines in a single-column text document. You can adjust the font and color of the text in Tofu and customize the size of columns and margins to fit your reading needs.


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      Click "Safari" in the Dock of your Mac to launch the native Web browser. Go to Amar Sagoo's Tofu application website ( Download the free Tofu app DMG file to your Mac.

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      Double-click the Tofu DMG file in your "Downloads" folder. A Finder window opens containing The file. Drag the Tofu app icon into the "Your Applications" folder icon to copy it into your Mac's "Applications" folder.

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      Click "Applications" in the Dock on your Mac, and then click "Tofu" to launch the application.

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      Click "File" from the Tofu menu, then click "New Viewer." A viewer window appears. Click "File," and then click "Open." A dialog box opens. Click a folder on your Mac containing a document you want to read. Click the file to select it, and then click "Open." The document opens in the Tofu viewer window, arranged in columns.

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      Read the first column, and then drag the horizontal scroll bar to the right to reveal more columns to continue reading. Click "View" from the Tofu menu, and then click "Full Screen" if you want Tofu to use the entire screen to present text in columns.

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      Start typing the first letters of a word that you want to search for, and Tofu shows you where the word appears in the text.

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      Click "Tofu" from the Tofu menu, and then click "Preferences" if you want to change how Tofu displays text. Click the "Text" tab, then click the "Preferred Font" pull-down menu, and then click a font from the list. Click the "Colors" tab and then click the "Background Color" or "Use Own Text Color" box to change the color of the background or text. Click the "Columns" tab, and then type numbers in the column and margins settings to change the size of columns and margins.

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