How to Kill the Boss in "Serious Sam"


With a swath of defeated abominations left in his wake, Serious Sam must face his greatest challenge yet before the game is over: The last boss, Ugh-Zan III, a giant four-armed warrior who is the size of a skyscraper. This epic battle takes place in the "Great Pyramid" level, the last level of the game, and is a multi-part battle consisting of three parts. First, you must run from him, then you must battle him in two different locations. Before the fight, make sure to stock up on the ammo, weapons and armor in front of you.

  • Run toward the Great Pyramid, and away from Ugh-Zan III, once the fight begins. Do not stop running, or Ugh-Zan III will catch you and defeat you. The Great Pyramid is the large pyramid in the opposite direction of Ugh-Zan III.

  • Use the cannon to destroy all enemies in your path as you run and grab any health or ammunition items you encounter along the way.

  • Climb the steps of the Great Pyramid until you reach the base of the pyramid. Turn around to face Ugh-Zan III, and the battle will begin.

  • Avoid the black-and-red fireballs Ugh-Zan III throws at you by strafing to either side of them.

  • Shoot the giant orange fireball Ugh-Zan III throws at you. This fireball is a homing fireball, and will follow you around until it hits you or you destroy it.

  • Avoid the blue lasers Ugh-Zan III shoots at you from his lower right hand.

  • Shoot Ugh-Zan III anywhere on his body or face to cause damage to him. Use your strongest weapons, like the cannon, to cause as much damage to him as possible when you hit him.

  • Destroy any creatures Ugh-Zan III spawns to fight you. If you do not destroy these creatures as soon as they appear, you will quickly become overwhelmed by them.

  • Enter the Great Pyramid when the large doors at the front of the pyramid open. They will open when Ugh-Zan III's health, located at the top of the screen, is 50 percent depleted. A movie will trigger when you enter the pyramid, and afterwards your character will appear at the top of it.

  • Use the ramps scattered around the arena to launch into the air and fall through a ring, activating it. Do this with all four ramps and rings located around the arena. Once all four rings have been activated, Ugh-Zan III is hit with a great blast of light, which stuns him and drains his health.

  • Shoot Ugh-Zan III with your cannon while he is stunned. Once his life bar is completely empty, Ugh-Zan III is defeated.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you run low on health, ammunition or armor, items will appear throughout the fight in the corners of either arena, replenishing what you need.
  • If you do not use the four rings to stun Ugh-Zan III, he will continue to regenerate his health, making him impossible to defeat.

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