How to Evolve Every Pokemon


Now that players can capture all 719 Pokemon with one copy of "Pokemon Omega Ruby" or "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire," it's crucial to know how each one evolves. Despite the large number of critters, a Pokemon only evolves after it gains a level, touches a special stone or gets traded. Of course, there are other factors to consider depending on the Pokemon.

Experience-Based Evolution

  • The most common form of evolution in "Pokemon," especially in Generation I, is to battle with your Pokemon until it gains enough experience to evolve on its own. The exact level required depends on the species of Pokemon. You can cancel evolution by pressing the "B" button, although it'll keep trying each time it levels until you allow it. Delaying evolution gives a Pokemon enough time to learn a move its more advanced form would miss, so there's often a valid purpose to waiting.

Using Evolutionary Stones

  • Some Pokemon need to be given a stone to help them evolve. For example, Pikachu won't evolve into Raichu without a Thunder Stone. If you want one of Eevee's original evolution options, stones are all the more important; the one you give an Eevee determines what it becomes, such as the Water Stone to produce Vaporeon. Where you can purchase stones depends on the game you're playing, but you can usually find it in the largest city on the map.

Trading for Evolution

  • Some Pokemon won't evolve until they have been traded. For instance, try as you might, Kadabra won't evolve into Alakazam until it gets a new owner. This eliminates the effort of raising an Abra if you look for a Kadabra to trade for. Pokemon will not typically evolve if you transfer them into a newer game from an older one; you'll need to find a friend to trade with if you're concerned about getting your Pokemon back.

Factors to Consider in Pokemon Evolution

  • With the possible exception of stone-based evolution, no Pokemon will just evolve because you asked it nicely. Getting the next Pokemon takes effort; some Pokemon like Togepi require your friendship -- 220 points worth of it, in that case -- before leveling to evolve. Others, like Tyrunt, won't evolve unless they level up during daytime hours. Sneasel won't evolve unless it levels holding a Razor Claw during nighttime hours. A few other Pokemon have specific rules attached to evolution, so if yours doesn't seem to be evolving, there may be an item- or time-based rule required (see Resources).

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