How to Display Credentials in an Email Signature

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Credentials give a summary of a person's education and qualifications. Credentials include the highest degree you have earned, professional designations and certifications you have acquired. People who work in corporate, health or IT fields often place their credentials in the signature line of their emails to ensure readers know exactly who is sending the email and can trust the authority of the sender. The credential listing should only take up one line in your email signature.


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      Write your first and last name. If you use a middle initial, place a period after it.

    • 2

      Put your the highest academic degree you obtained after your name, separated by a comma. Use the acronym for the degree to save space.

    • 3

      Make another comma and enter any professional designations you have received from organizations in your field. This includes titles such as "Realtor" and "Chartered Financial Analyst."

    • 4

      Enter a comma and list your certifications in the order in which you received them. As with your academic degree, use the acronym of each certification to save space in your signature line.

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