How to Connect a Sansa MP3 Player to Ubuntu

Sansa makes several MP3 players that you can use to play your personal audio files. If you try to connect these devices to a Ubuntu computer, the operating system will not recognize the device at first. However, by changing the settings on the Sansa, you can make it compatible with Ubuntu. Then, you can drag and drop your music files onto the MP3 player.

Things You'll Need

  • Sansa USB cable
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      Press "Menu" repeatedly on the Sansa MP3 player until you get to the "Settings" menu.

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      Press the "Center" button and then press "Up." Click "USB Mode." Scroll to "MSC" to highlight it and press the "Center" button.

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      Connect your Sansa MP3 to your computer using the USB cable. Ubuntu will now recognize the device.

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