How Do I Fill Out a Bill of Sale for a Vehicle in Georgia?

Completing a bill of sale in Georgia is required if you sell or buy a vehicle in the state. Without a bill of sale, you cannot register your car with the Georgia Department of Revenue, and you cannot title the vehicle if you do not have proof that you purchased it from its previous owner. Take five minutes to fill out and submit the form to prevent trouble later.


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      Download a bill of sale form from the Georgia Department of Revenue. The form is one page and is named "Form T-7."

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      Fill out the personal information of both you and the person to whom you are selling the vehicle. The T-7 asks for your full legal name, current address, phone number and Georgia tax number, if applicable. Georgia tax numbers are for business owners.

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      Write the details of the vehicle in the appropriate spaces. The form requires the make, model, year and vehicle identification number for the bill of sale to be valid. Record the mileage on the vehicle's odometer and include the number in the space provided.

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      Fill out the purchase price information, if you are selling the vehicle due to a court order. The form requires the selling price of the vehicle, tax charges and any credits applied to the final total from trade-ins. Include a copy of the court order with the form when you send it to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

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      Ask the purchaser to sign the form. Enclose the form in an envelope and mail the form to the Georgia Department of Revenue after you sign the document.

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