How to Interview a Cook for Our Restaurant

Find the right cook for your restaurant.
Find the right cook for your restaurant. (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

A restaurant, like any other business, can be made or broken by the employees that work there. While there are many vital people who make a restaurant succeed, a cook is high up on the list of important players. That's why it's essential to choose a cook who will create, or maintain, a successful atmosphere for your restaurant. The first step in choosing your new cook is to interview him. During this process you will get to know him and decide if he might be right for your restaurant.

Ask the cook to bring her resume if you don't already have a copy. You should have this with you during the interview process. Go over the resume during the interview and inquire your potential new hire about her cooking experience and what would make her an asset to your restaurant.

Compose a list of questions ahead of time. When writing your list, consider what it is you want to know from your new cook. Things that might be included in your list are how often he's absent or tardy, how he might handle an increase in customer flow and how well he can multitask. See the link in the "Resources" section for a list of interview questions for cooks.

Shake hands, introduce yourself and smile. Just as you are interviewing for a potential new employee, she too is interviewing for a potential new employer.

Ask him to tell you a little bit about himself. This is a fairly easy question that will get him talking and get you introduced to him. This is also a good time to ask why he cooks. Inquire about his passion for cooking, as this can help break the ice and allow you to get a better feel for his personality.

Ask the questions from your list that you composed earlier. Take note of her responses, and listen carefully. Write down positive responses, as well as negative responses. You can go over these questionnaires later to help you make your final decision.

Ask your new potential cook if he has any questions for you. This is an excellent opportunity for him to show initiative, as well as fill him in on anything he may not be clear on.

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