How to Replace a Roper Dryer Belt


The belt on a Roper dryer is responsible for spinning the dryer's drum to tumble dry the laundry. Over time, the belt wears thin and requires replacement. The first sign of a thinning belt is a squeaking sound caused by the wearing of the tread of the belt. Replace the belt as soon as possible to avoid a complete break. A broken belt trapped inside a dryer can lead to a small fire as the rubber melts from the motor shaft heat.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Cloth towel
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Replacement belt
  • Unplug the Roper dryer from the electrical outlet to avoid shock or other injury. Pull the dryer far enough away from the wall to allow the top to be rotated out of the way.

  • Remove the lint filter screen from the top of the dryer. Remove the two screws around the rim of the filter screen compartment with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  • Pry the two front corners of the top panel away from the dryer with a flat screwdriver. Rotate the top panel to the back of the dryer and leave it in an opened position.

  • Remove the two screws at the front corners of the inside of the dryer with a screwdriver or socket and drive. Disconnect the door sensor at the top-left corner of the dryer's cabin.

  • Lift the front panel from the dryer and remove it. Set the panel aside. You will be able to see the dryer's drum and worn belt wrapped around it. If the belt has broken, you will need to look at the bottom of the cabin to retrieve it.

  • Locate the motor and pulley assembly on the bottom of the dryer's drum. The Roper's assembly is located on the right side of the drum. For replacement of a worn belt, continue to step 7. To install a new belt after the belt has broken, continue to step 8.

  • Pull the idler pulley to the right to relieve tension on the belt. Remove the belt from the pulley and motor shaft. Take the belt from around the dryer's drum and discard it.

  • Place the new belt onto the groove on the dryer's drum with the tread facing toward the drum. Move to the bottom of the drum to feed the belt through the idler pulley and motor shaft. Pull the idler pulley to the right. Place the belt around the pulley and then the motor shaft. Release the pulley to provide tension to the belt.

  • Replace the front panel and screw in the two screws at the top corners with the screwdriver. Reconnect the door sensor.

  • Rotate the top of the dryer back into place and press down on the front corners to reseat the panel. Screw in the two screws near the lint filter screen compartment with the screwdriver. Replace the lint filter screen.

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