How to Feed Fish Frozen Blood Worms


The bloodworm is the larvae of the midge fly and it is often found in creeks, lakes and streams. Carnivorous fish feed on bloodworms because they offer a high amount of nutrition, are filling and can be found quite easily. Feeding the fish in your aquarium, or amphibians bloodworms is easy, and will provide many nutrients that cannot be found in flake food. Bloodworms can be fed frozen, alive, or freeze-dried, and located in the frozen or live food section of your local pet store.

Feed freeze-dried bloodworms to top feeding fish. Place a few freeze-dried bloodworms in the aquarium and allow your fish to eat. Only give a few bloodworms at a time and no more than the fish can consume in five minutes. Remove any excess bloodworms that sank to the bottom of the tank.

Defrost frozen bloodworms by allowing the frozen section to sit on the counter for a few minutes, or add a little hot water to defrost the bloodworms quickly. Often the frozen bloodworms come in either a cube or packet form. Put the defrosted bloodworms in the tank and they will slowly drift to the bottom. Feed in small increments so the fish can eat the bloodworms before they sink to the aquarium floor.

Allow frozen bloodworms to sink to the bottom-feeding fish. Place a chunk of frozen bloodworm in your aquarium; it will float for a minute, but usually remains intact. Eventually it will float to the bottom of the tank in a chunk. This allows fish that feed off the bottom a chance to get larger bites.

Use a turkey baster, or a syringe to feed clams, corals, and anemones. Since these are not technically fish, but rather living corals, direct feeding is necessary. Check the local salt water fish store for live bloodworms. Feed only a few bloodworms at a time. Use a turkey baster or syringe as mentioned, and place the device close to the mouth of the clam, coral or anemone and gently feed the worms to the creature. Corals are extremely sensitive to touch, be careful not to touch the subject with the feeding device.

Tips & Warnings

  • Bloodworms should never be the staple in any fish's diet. Bloodworms should be fed in moderation.

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