How to Pass the NCLEX With Kaplan

Every person wishing to become a registered or practical nurse in the United States must pass the National Council Licensure Examination, commonly abbreviated as NCLEX. Kaplan is a test preparation company that offers NCLEX study assistance for both the registered nurse and practical nurse exams. Students enrolled in the Kaplan course are provided access to instructors and study aids to ensure success on the exam. However, students must use the tools provided by Kaplan in a systematic and effective manner to achieve the best results on the NCLEX.


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      Select the course that best fits your lifestyle. Consider pre-existing time commitments, the commitment required by each Kaplan course, and cost. Kaplan offers in-class study programs and online study programs. The in-class program may not be available in your city and may require you to set aside time during the day to attend class. The completely online program called NCLEX On Demand gives you more flexibility to complete the program on your own pace. For those taking the practical nursing exam, you can simply purchase review books with sample test questions. The in-class program will be the costliest, and you'll pay less for review books and access to practice exams.

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      Take advantage of every aspect of the review course. You can best prepare for the NCLEX exam by studying all the material in each topic that could possibly turn up on the examination. Attend all in-class lectures or view them online and read the study material provided by Kaplan. Depending on the course you selected, you will have access to approximately 1,000 or 3,000 practice questions. Work through as many questions as possible to ensure that you understand the material.

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      Take practice exams provided by Kaplan. Your course may offer a diagnostic test and a readiness test. Take the practice exams under exam conditions, meaning that you give yourself only the amount of time you would be allowed on the actual NCLEX and take the practice test in a location similar to where you would take the real one. Review the questions you answered incorrectly to spot weak areas in your knowledge, and refer to your Kaplan lectures or study books to review issues you didn't understand.

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