How to Motivate Teenagers for Good Grades

You can tell your teenagers a million times about the importance of getting good grades in school, and they may pretend to hear you without giving your words the proper consideration. The importance of school and the wisdom of parents do not sink in for many young people until they are on their own and have been battered by the college application process or the job market. Perhaps your teens believe you are overreacting. Your main hope of reaching your teenagers is learning how to motivate them.


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      Grant or suspend “going out” privileges based on school performance. To most teenagers, 30 years old is old, so this should give you an idea of how far down the road adulthood is in their minds. When you tell them how their decisions now will affect them in five to 10 years, the consequences seem too far away. Enforcing more immediate consequences yields a much better result.

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      Take away their cell phones for getting bad grades. Not only is this a reward system, but it could also be a cause-and-effect system. If your teenager is constantly receiving calls and text messages, the cell phone could be a distraction that contributes to bad grades. Taking the cell phone away for bad grades teaches your teenagers to turn off the cell phone when concentration is paramount.

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      Reward them with money for good grades and cut off the funding when they get bad grades. Money has always been a great motivator, and school work is no exception. Pay them an certain amount of money for everyday grades they get on assignments. Good grades achieved on a daily basis lead to good grades on the report card. This motivates your teenagers to think of ways to continue to get good grades. This also prepares them for the capitalist system in the real world.

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      Talk to your teenagers about their future goals and about what they want to become. If their goals require them to go to college, then they need to understand the importance of good grades and SAT scores in order to get into the college of their choice. Research the admission requirements for the colleges your teenagers are considering so they know what they need to achieve. Take your teenagers to visit the college campuses if possible so they can understand that college is a real place that they can someday attend if they work hard enough to achieve the right grades.

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