How to Make a Plum Pudding Costume


Handmade costumes can turn heads because they are original and there are fewer chances for wearing the same costume as another person at a party. Making a costume also allows for out-of-the-ordinary garments to be created, like a plum pudding costume. This costume can be a hit at a Halloween party, or serve as a costume to personify a traditional dessert in a holiday play. Whatever the use may be, this costume will be memorable. Some imagination and moderate sewing skills are needed to create a plum pudding costume.

Things You'll Need

  • 6 brown fabric panels, 1 1/2 yards long x 44" wide (fabric width may vary)
  • 3/4" wide Brown ribbon
  • 2 sheets red felt
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing pins
  • Red winter hat
  • Craft stuffing
  • 2 yards cream-colored felt (from bolt)
  • Hoop-skirt
  • Pin all six 1.5-yard long panels of brown fabric together along the length of the fabric. Using a thread and needle, stitch the brown panel pieces together, which will create a large cylinder of fabric, 1.5-yards long.

  • Put on the hoop-skirt. The hoop-skirt will poof the costume out at the bottom, similar to the shape of plum pudding.

  • Place the brown fabric cylinder over the hoop skirt, and cut a hole for each arm. Allow for 3 extra inches of fabric above the neck before cutting the arm holes. Fold the cut edges of fabric around the armholes under and use and stitch a seam to create a clean hem.

  • Fold the extra fabric by the neck under and stitch a seam close to the edge of folded fabric to make a drawstring neckband. Be sure the fold created is at least 1 inch wide. Thread a 3/4-inch-wide brown ribbon through the neckband and gather the fabric as the ribbon is pulled through.

  • Sew the end of the gathered fabric to the ribbon on each side of the opening at the neckband, ensuring the ribbon does not fall through the neckband. Leave extra ribbon on each side of the neckband for tying around the neck.

  • Fold the fabric at the bottom of the costume under itself at the same length of the hoop-skirt. Use sewing pins to pin the fabric. Stitch along the bottom of the costume to create a neat hem, removing pins along the way.

  • Cut two 7-inch circles from the red felt sheets and sew around the edges of the two circles, stacked on top of each other. Leave a 3-inch gap and flip the circle inside out, to hide the seams. Stuff with craft stuffing and stitch the stuffed circle closed with red thread.

  • Sew this pillow-like red felt "cherry" to the top of a red ski hat.

  • Cut out long curvy strips of cream-colored felt to serve as the icing on the plum pudding. With the costume on the costume wearer, pin the icing strips to the costume. Take the costume off the costume wearer and sew the icing strips to the plum pudding.

  • Wear brown pants and a brown long-sleeved shirt under the costume.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add a sprig of holly for added detail as some plum puddings are adorned with holly at Christmas.
  • Be careful when pinning the icing strips to the costume to ensure the costume wearer does not get poked.

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