How to Build a Mine Cart in "Minecraft"


"Minecraft" is a video game that combines elements of construction, combat and role-playing. Players can freely interact with their environment, digging into the ground and cutting down trees. In the process, they can harvest lumber, stone and ore to construct buildings and goods. The mine cart is a vehicle that runs on tracks, and players can use it to move quickly across land or through their mine networks. Constructing it is straightforward, though the player will need several tools to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron
  • Wood
  • Construction bench
  • Furnace

Initial Setup

  • Gather wood by attacking trees. You can use your bare hands or a tool, such as an axe or shovel. Gather at least four pieces of wood.

  • Open your inventory and fill the four construction boxes with wood. This creates a work bench. Drop the work bench somewhere on the ground.

  • Click on the workbench to open its construction menu. Fill the top row with wood, as well as the middle column. This creates a pick axe. Open your inventory and equip the pick axe.

  • Dig into the earth. Once you're past the soil, you'll dig through stone. Gather at least eight pieces of cobblestone. Return to your work bench.

  • Click on the work bench to open its interface. Place cobblestone in the outer ring of the bench, filling all slots but the middle one. This creates a furnace. Place the furnace on the ground.

Building the Mine Cart

  • Dig deep into the earth using a pick axe. Eventually, you'll across the iron strata. Mine at least five pieces of iron. Return to the surface.

  • Right-click on the furnace and place fuel in it. Wood works, as do other flammables, such as coal or buckets of lava.

  • Place the iron into the furnace to create iron ingots.

  • Go to your workbench. Fill the bottom row with iron ingots. Place an iron ingot in the left and right slot of the center row. This creates a mine cart.

Tips & Warnings

  • By placing a furnace on top of a mine cart, you can construct a train engine. By placing a treasure chest on top of the mine carts, you can construct a portable chest. This is useful if you want to sent goods back to the surface without riding the cart yourself.

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