How to Make Beaded Dragonflies


While insects might inspire fear in some, dragonflies are popular in home decor and crafts. Dragonflies are harmless flying insects with long bodies and colorful wings. This whimsical-looking insect can be made from beads and used in earrings, pendants and other jewelry creations. The following instructions will make a 4-inch long dragonfly.

Things You'll Need

  • 28-gauge beading wire
  • Ruler
  • Wire clippers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • 55 small seed beads
  • Cut three pieces of wire 8-inches long and one piece 1/2-inch long.

  • Hold one 8-inch piece of wire about 1 inch from the end. String beads onto the wire, leaving 1 inch empty at the opposite end. There should be 1 inch of empty wire on both ends.

  • Twist the free ends of the wire together to make a circle. With your fingers pinch the wire at the twisted point and grasp the other side of the wire to make a figure eight. Twist the two sides together to secure the figure eight and form the wings. Repeat the process for one more piece of 8-inch wire.

  • Fold the remaining 8-inch wire in half, and twist a loop at the bent end. This will be the body of the dragonfly.

  • Fold the 1/2-inch wire in half. Thread this piece through the loop in the body, twist it in place and use the round-nose pliers to curl the ends of the wire slightly to make the antenna.

  • Thread three beads onto the folded wire of the body. The beads should go over both strands of wire at the same time.

  • Place both sets of wings between the two wires making the body and slide the wings up until they are flush with the beads you strung onto the wire.

  • Thread beads onto the remaining length of the wire body. Leave 1 inch free at the bottom.

  • Wrap the wire around the wire between the last two beads. Trim the remaining wire with clippers.

  • Adjust the body and wings until you are satisfied with the finished product.

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