How to Build a 2H Warrior in "Dragon Age: Origins"


"Dragon Age: Origins" is a role-playing that lets the player build custom characters and pit them against hordes of monsters and enemy soldiers. Characters are divided into three broad categories: warriors, thieves and wizards. Warriors are the masters of melee combat and of all the warrior types; the two-hander is capable of causing the greatest amount of damage in the least amount of time. Building a two-hander requires choosing the right talents and investing your attribute points in Strength and Willpower.

  • Create a warrior at the beginning of the game. Although wizards with the Arcane Warrior specialization can also equip two-handed swords, they will never be able to learn a warrior's weapon techniques, essential to becoming a true two-hander.

  • Invest attribute points in Strength and Willpower. High Strength results in higher damage dealing potential, and since two-handed weapons are slow, you'll want to do as much damage with each stroke as possible. Additionally, characters need a high Strength to simply equip most two-handed weapons and plate armors. Willpower grants you additional Stamina points, which means you'll be able to use your warrior abilities more often.

  • Purchase warrior abilities which give you bonuses to two-handed weapons or special attacks when a two-hander is equipped. Essential abilities include Two-Handed Sweep, Destroyer, Indomitable, Stunning Blows and Powerful. Passive skills, like Stunning Blows, improve your every attack, while active skills, like Two-Handed Sweep, cause you to perform a special attack, which causes massive damage but also drains your Stamina. Balance the acquisition of Active Skills with the development of your Willpower attribute.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although Strength and Willpower are the essentials for a two-hander, do not neglect your other attributes. If you're missing enemies frequently, put points in Dexterity. This improves your to-hit ratio. If you're dying too quickly, put points in Constitution, which grants you additional Health Points. The other attributes, Magic and Cunning, are essentially useless for a warrior. Although they grant minor bonuses, you'll get more value out of your attribute points by investing them in Strength or Willpower.

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