How to Put a Topknot on a Poodle

Poodles, whether standard or miniature, make desirable pets. They are attractive to most dog owners and tend to make talented show dogs, although they require frequent grooming. Because their fur is easy to manage, many poodle owners style their pets' fur. The topknot is a popular style achieved by trimming the poodle's fur so that a puff of hair remains on the top of its head.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog brush
  • Curved trimming shears
  • Partner (optional)


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      Hold your poodle by the muzzle to keep it still. If your poodle is unaccustomed to or uncomfortable with grooming procedures, ask another person to help you secure the poodle and prevent it from moving or running. Speak reassuringly and calmly to your poodle throughout the grooming process.

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      Trim any excess hair over your poodle's eyes. Keep your curved trimming shears positioned so that the curve points in towards the dog. Determine the size you would like your poodle's topknot to be and trim around the dog's head slowly, cutting small bits of hair at a time until you've given the topknot its desired shape. Round the topknot off at the top.

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      Turn your poodle's head or walk around your poodle to see if you have missed any stray hairs. If you have missed some, trim them so that the topknot looks even. Brush you poodle's coat and check once more for stray hairs. When you are satisfied that there are no more strays, praise your dog for being patient during the grooming process.

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