How to Feel Chi Energy

In Chinese culture, Chi energy, also called Qi or Ki, is the universal life force that flows around and through everything. For some people, the presence of this energy in everything makes it synonymous with air. Many martial practitioners consider it the source of all things, both living and non-living. Chi energy may be invisible, but it is possible to feel it. You must be relaxed and centered to feel chi energy successfully.


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      Pick a time when you will not be disturbed and go to a quiet room.

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      Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Make sure your feet are parallel to each other so that your toes point forward. Bend your knees slightly but keep your back straight. Leave your hands hanging down at your sides. This is the "Horse Stance" position.

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      Stand in this position for about a minute. During this time, clear your mind of all thoughts. Stand up straight and relax your body. Close your eyes.

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      Bring your hands up to your torso and turn them towards each other. Bring them within 5 inches of each other then move them apart to a distance of about 24 inches. This motion is similar to that of squeezing a large, soft, ball.

    • 5

      Repeat this process for up to 4 minutes. Eventually, energy builds up between your hands that feels like resistance as you "squeeze." This is chi energy.

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      Study a martial arts discipline to learn how to use Chi energy. The ability to feel Chi is just the beginning. After considerable training, students can learn to use this energy in various ways. For instance, some students are able to use it to improve their health, send distance healing to others and improve their skills in fitness activities.

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