How to Get Out of a Standing Choke Hold


Escaping chokeholds is part of many self-defense techniques. Choke holds can be done from the ground or from a standing position. The two simple types of standing choke holds are those carried out from the front and those carried out from the back. Breaking out of either a front or back standing choke hold requires practice and knowledge of technique. You can practice these techniques using a partner as a stand-in for an assailant.

Things You'll Need

  • Partner
  • Wall
  • Protective gear

Front Choke Hold

  • Have you partner pretend to choke you from the front by putting his or her hands around your neck and pressing your back to the wall. This is a simulation and should not be painful for either of you. If using a partner, simply rehearse the maneuver; do not act forcefully.

  • Raise either one of your arms straight into the air. Turn your body to face the side opposite of the hand you are raising -- if you raise your right hand, turn to the left and vice versa. Simultaneously bend your uplifted arm and bring it down quickly over both of your partner's arms. Then pull your arm close to your body to trap your partner's arms underneath yours.

  • Take the arm you have not yet used and bend it. Then swing your elbow upwards in order to strike your partner's face. This can also be substituted with a hand strike to the face. Release your partner. In a real scenario, release your assailant and run for help.

Back Choke Hold

  • Have your partner come at you from behind and put his or her arm around your neck. If practicing, be sure not to act so forcefully that you injure your partner.

  • Turn your body as if you want to face your partner. Be sure to turn away from his or her elbow. Turning towards the elbow will strengthen his or her hold on you.

  • Bend over at the waist as you are almost completely turned to face your partner. This should be done in one quick, fluid move. As you bend forward, your partner's arm should slip over your head, breaking the chokehold.

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