How to Survive Working Two Full Time Jobs

Use coffee sparingly to avoid developing a caffeine tolerance.
Use coffee sparingly to avoid developing a caffeine tolerance. (Image: Images)

Accepting a second full-time job boosts your income but deprives you of sleep, free time and the society of friends and family. In fact, the stress of working two jobs may negatively affect your personal life. Choosing a second job that complements your first job will mitigate some of these effects, but the most effective strategy is organization -- disorganized people who accept more than one job become easily overwhelmed and lose the advantages of a double income.

Choose a second job that differs from your primary job. For example, look for jobs that require interacting with people if you work in isolation for your primary job, and look for calming jobs if your primary job is stressful.

Create a schedule that allows time for sleep, relaxation and time with friends and family. Set financial goals so that you may stop working two jobs as soon as possible. Plan ahead to realize these financial goals. For example, make meals for the week during your free time to minimize expenses and earn money more quickly.

Exercise whenever possible to maintain a high energy level without resorting to caffeine. Eat fruits, vegetables and protein and avoid junk food to boost your energy further. Sleep for at least six hours when your schedule allows.

Contact friends and family regularly to maintain a support network. Utilize this network for tasks that your work schedule prevents you from completing. For example, ask relatives to babysit if you have children.

Request a flexible schedule from your second employer; larger employers typically have enough staff to compensate for scheduled absences related to professional or family matters.

Calculate your tax liability if your second job raises your income significantly. Plan ahead for taxes by requesting a higher percentage of withheld income or depositing some income in an interest-bearing account.

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