How to Tame a Dove

Offer your dove treats from your hand.
Offer your dove treats from your hand. (Image: Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Doves are medium-sized birds that come in a wide variety of different feather patterns. They are commonly kept as pets, and ideally, the dove that you own is one that was hand-raised from birth, allowing it to be very comfortable with people. If you have a dove that is frightened, skittish, or aggressive, however, place a high priority on taming it. An untamed dove may attack you or bash itself against its cage bars in a panic.

Isolate the dove from other birds by placing it in its own cage in a room removed from other birds. A dove kept isolated becomes dependent on you for company and for nurturing.

Set up a schedule and stick with it. Clean the cage and feed the bird at the same time every day. This helps the bird become more comfortable with you. It knows when to expect you and what you are going to do.

Close all the windows in your bathroom and bring the dove into it, closing the door behind you. Release the bird, allowing it to flutter around the room, and when it lands, place your finger to its chest, offering it a perch. The bird will fly away, but if you continue, it will eventually perch on your hand. This accustoms the bird to landing on you. Do this once daily.

Coo at the bird when you are near its cage. It recognizes cooing as a friendly, comforting sound.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the untamed dove's environment quiet. Loud noises from the television or the radio startle it and cause it stress.

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