How to Work With Slow-Moving Co-Workers


Working together can help get the job done quickly, but sometimes it can seem like the other people you work with simply aren't pulling their own weight. Working with slow-moving co-workers can be frustrating, especially when their pace affects your productivity. Things need to change for your own sense of sanity. It's important, though, to address the issue with a positive outlook, whether you do this directly with the co-workers or by speaking with your manager.

Mind your own business. In certain cases, slow-moving co-workers will not directly affect the work that you need to do. It can be frustrating to complete twice as much work as the others, but if you have the ability to do your job without relying on the slow workers, you may be happiest just ignoring them.

Determine why the workers are slow. Co-workers can be slow for a variety of reasons -- lack of motivation, confusion about how to do the job, perfectionism or simply having a bad day. Understanding the reason behind the slowness can help you to find a solution.

Talk to your manager about your frustrations. Offer concrete examples so that your complaints don't sound like a personal attack. For example, point out that you can take care of three customers in the time that your co-worker takes care of one.

Offer ideas to make everybody's work more efficient. Speeding up the process for everyone can make the whole office more productive. Let your manager or co-workers know of any ideas you may have to keep things running more smoothly. For example, if you're constantly getting tripped up because you have to walk several steps to get an item for the customer and a co-worker is in the way, suggest moving the items you need closer to your work area.

Ask for more work. Not only will this keep your mind off of your co-workers, but it will also show your manager how much work you can do and put you in a better position for a promotion.

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