How to Mate Beagles

Beagles are dogs with a merry personality.
Beagles are dogs with a merry personality. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Beagles are among the smaller scent hounds and are notoriously popular for their happy-go-lucky and friendly demeanor. If you are enamored with this breed, it may be tempting to want to mate Beagles and have a happy litter of Beagle puppies. Consider that responsible breeding takes a lot of effort since the main goal of breeding Beagles should be for the overall improvement of the breed. This means breeding with the highest degree of consideration to temperament, soundness, health and type.

Things You'll Need

  • Beagle stud
  • Beagle dam
  • Club membership
  • Health clearances
  • Nonslip surface

Enroll in a national kennel club or a Beagle club. Such clubs are very helpful in providing all necessary information for breeding your Beagle and promote reputable breeding by encouraging Beagle breeders to adhere to their code of ethics.

Assess critically if your Beagle is of breeding quality. Get accustomed with the breed standard and compare your stud or dam to determine qualities and faults. Consider enrolling your Beagle in conformation shows and see how your Beagle ranks. Consider also putting titles on your Beagle in specialties such as tracking, obedience, agility or obedience.

Critically assess if your Beagle adheres to the breed standard.
Critically assess if your Beagle adheres to the breed standard. (Image: George Pickow/Valueline/Getty Images)

Screen your stud or dam for health concerns. Have your Beagle's hips certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and eyes examined by the Canine Eye Registration Foundation. It also is recommended to have Beagles screened for Musladin-Lueke Syndrome, congenital heart diseases and autoimmune thyroiditis, according to the National Beagle Club.

Plan the breeding carefully, doing your best to find a mate that will complement your Beagle. Consider that Beagles should not be mated before the age of two, after all health clearances have been obtained. At this age, stud and dam are both physically and mentally mature. Also plan on having both stud and dam undergo a brucellosis test a few days prior to mating to prevent a possible miscarriage, infertility or early death in infected puppies.

Find your Beagle's perfect mate.
Find your Beagle's perfect mate. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Determine when the dam is in standing heat. Generally, females are most fertile from days eight through 15 counting from the day they started bleeding, explains veterinarian Margaret V. Root Kustritz with the University of Minnesota. If you are concerned about timing, ask your veterinarian to perform a vaginal smear to better determine the optimal time for breeding.

Take your dam to the stud and provide a quiet area with a nonslip surface on the floor for better footing. The dam and stud may play together for some time and then the female will move the tail to the side and allow the male to mount. After thrusting, the male will turn over and remain in a back-to back- position with the dame for several minutes. This is known as a ''tie." Do not attempt to separate them, but keep both dogs calm until they dislodge naturally.

Allow the Beagles to breed several times to increase the chances of pregnancy. Ideally, plan to breed every other day starting from when the dam has been in heat about seven days, up until she allows it, recommends veterinarian Margaret V. Root Kustritz. If all goes well, Beagle puppies will be on their way about 63 days later.

(Image: George Pickow/Valueline/Getty Images)

Tips & Warnings

  • Read as many books as possible about Beagles, genetics and breeding dogs.
  • Consider the aid of a mentor acquainted with Beagles to facilitate the breeding and whelping process.
  • Give the puppies out to responsible homes only after screening potential buyers.
  • Never breed young or inexperienced Beagles until they are more mature.
  • Do not breed if you are not financially ready to face emergency expenses such as C-sections.
  • Do not breed your dam on every heat cycle.
  • Never dislodge dogs during the tie.

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