How to Raise a 4-Month-Old Brindle Boxer & Shepherd Mix Puppy

A purebred brindle boxer and a German shepherd will create a puppy that is loyal and intelligent.
A purebred brindle boxer and a German shepherd will create a puppy that is loyal and intelligent. (Image: Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

A puppy that is a result of breeding a purebred brindle boxer with a German shepherd will develop a temperament and physical appearance that is a mixture of the two breeds. This dog will be extremely active and intelligent with a strong guarding instinct. The puppy will also require adequate leadership from its family to prevent it from becoming aggressive and difficult to control. Ideally, puppies should be trained from eight weeks of age, so it is important to begin consistent training as soon as you bring your four-month-old home.

Socialize the puppy by exposing it to a variety of people, places, other dogs and noisy household items, such as the vacuum cleaner. Do this to prevent the dog from becoming wary and aggressive around strangers, as both the boxer and German shepherd can be if they are not socialized.

Enroll your puppy in obedience-training classes where it will learn to respond to basic commands. This will also provide the mental stimulation that this mixed-breed will need. Once the dog has completed obedience training, continue to challenge him by enrolling him in trick training or agility training.

House train your puppy at home by taking it outside in the morning, evening and after meals. Praise the puppy when it successfully passes waste in the desired area and say the words "go potty" so it can begin to associate the command with going outside. If you catch the puppy eliminating in the house say "no" in a firm voice and take it outside. If the puppy manages to finish eliminating in the correct place, praise it. Avoid scolding the puppy if you learn later it had an accident in the house as it will not understand.

Exercise this lively puppy by taking it on a long walk every day to help it to drain excess energy. Do this before feeding the dog as large breeds, such as the boxer and the German shepherd, can suffer from a fatal condition called canine bloat, which can be triggered by exercising immediately after eating. Walk slightly in front of your puppy and ensure it is the last family member to enter the house after an outing.

Show your puppy you are the pack leader from the very beginning as both the boxer and the German shepherd require firm leadership. Exert your dominance by making the dog sit and wait before giving food or affection. Do not allow the puppy to jump on furniture or sleep on your bed as these are positions of dominance.

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