How to Libero Roll

The libero is a defensive specialist on an indoor volleyball team. The libero can not make offensive plays, such as striking the ball from a position above the net or serving the ball. One of the most important responsibilities of the libero is digging the spikes of the opposing team to enable his team to return the ball. The libero roll maneuver allows the libero to quickly return to his feet after the roll by using his momentum to propel him back up to his feet.


    • 1

      Dive after the ball, reaching out to dig the spike with the hand on the side to which you are diving.

    • 2

      Turn your body after you make contact with the ball and land. Your shoulders should roll to flat on the ground. Your digging hand will be pointed in the direction opposite your momentum.

    • 3

      Turn your head to look toward the hand that was used to dig the ball.

    • 4

      Kick your legs over to the side your momentum is traveling.

    • 5

      Plant your feet down as your momentum carries you through the roll.

    • 6

      Push off the ground with your nondigging hand to right yourself and return to your feet quickly.

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