How to Play "Pocket God" on the iPod touch

"Pocket God" is an iPod touch app that gives players control over a small island and its inhabitants. Initially, the game had no actual "goal" or purpose for players. The premise was simple: Use your godly powers to torment the islanders. Players can summon earthquakes, drop villagers into the ocean, or throw them into volcanoes. With each update, new methods for villager demise were implemented. Eventually, the game updates evolved to have a purpose, and players now need to achieve certain tasks to unlock 39 different "idols." If you've never played "Pocket God," or if you're used to an older version, you may not know how to access and complete these challenges.


    • 1

      Open the "Pocket God" app.

    • 2

      Update the game if prompted. Only an updated version of "Pocket Gods" will include Challenge mode.

    • 3

      Tap "Challenge of the Gods" on the main screen. If you'd rather not play in Challenge mode, you can play still play the regular game. Standard game play has no ultimate goal, but you can use your fingers to pick up villagers and interact with objects on the touch screen. The nonchallenge islands are just for fun, and there is no correct or incorrect way to play them.

    • 4

      Tap "Episode One" on your screen to access the first episode. Challenge mode spans 39 sequential episodes. Each one presents a different challenge for the player.

    • 5

      Drag your finger across the episodic challenge list to read the goal's details.

    • 6

      Tap "Activate Challenge" when you're ready to start Challenge mode. Most challenges involve mangling villagers using certain objects. To interact with most objects on screen, you simply tap on them with your finger.

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