How to Cut a Fade Into a Mohawk

Use clippers to update your do without a trip to the stylist.
Use clippers to update your do without a trip to the stylist. (Image: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Staying in style without breaking the bank is not an easy task. Now that you've decided to replace your fade haircut with the always-edgy mohawk, reconsider a visit to a stylist and buy or borrow a pair of hair clippers instead. Once you've picked out the mohawk style you want, all you need is a few household items and a friend to help with the tricky parts. Turning your fade into a mohawk is so simple that with practice, you might be able to do it yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair clippers with removable guard plates
  • Mirror
  • Eyeliner
  • Measuring tape
  • Friend (optional)

Mark the width for your new mohawk on your forehead using eyeliner. A traditional style will be 1 1/2 to 2-inches wide. If you are unsure, start with a wide mohawk, and cut more as you see fit.

Use the help of a friend or mirror to mark the same width on the back of your neck, at the base of your hairline.

Attach the shortest guard to your clippers.

Cut your hair using the clippers. Start at the eyeliner mark on your forehead, then widen your strokes, so that your "mohawk" is wider on the sides and back than you want.

Use a mirror -- or the help of a friend -- to cut the hair at the back of your head, starting from the eyeliner marks and moving out toward your ears.

Measure the width of your mohawk-in-process on the top of your head. Use the clippers to cut the sides until your mohawk is the same width from your forehead to the back of your neck.

Remove the clipper guard. Carefully shave the sides of your head with the clipper blade, following the same pattern as you did with the initial cut.

Use a mirror to check out your new do. Use the clippers to touch up any spots you may have missed.

Tips & Warnings

  • It's difficult to shave the back of your head evenly, so get a friend to help you the first few times you cut your hair.
  • If you are having trouble clipping in a straight line, try coloring the hair you want to clip using temporary, paint-on hair coloring, then simply trim the painted parts.
  • Cutting your hair with clippers can be dangerous, especially without a clipper guard. If you are uncomfortable using the clippers, get a friend to help you, or try using easy-to-handle disposable razors.

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