How to Make the Ultimate Blanket Fort

Whether it is an indoor activity on a rainy day, or nighttime fun, building blanket forts is a fun way to spend time with your children and share a memorable experience. Building a blanket fort at a children's sleepover party is a good way to keep the kids together, engaged and working on a shared project. All you need to get started is furniture, blankets and some imagination.

Things You'll Need

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Chairs
  • Tape
  • Clothespins


    • 1

      Locate the space for your fort and place a sheet over the piece of furniture that will be the main structure.

    • 2

      Spread the sheet from the main piece of furniture over another piece to create an enclosure. Use multiple sheets as needed to expand the size of your fort. Secure them in place with tape or clothespins.

    • 3

      Support the middle of the sheet. Use a broom handle running from one piece of structure to another or a chair in the middle.

    • 4

      Close the structure by draping blankets and sheets along the outside and filling gaps with pillows or blankets.

    • 5

      Fill your fort with blankets, flashlights and whatever toys your child wants.

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