How to Get Rid of Kapha Dosha

Kapha, according to Ayurvedic practice, is one of the three dosha energies that work synergistically to keep your body working properly. Kapha dosha is necessary, and cannot be completely removed from your body, but you should get rid of excess kapha if you think you may have an imbalance. Symptoms of excess kapha include mucous congestion, weight gain, excessively oily skin and hair, exhaustion and depression. With a few adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, you eliminate excess kapha, rebalance your dosha energies, and begin feeling better.


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      Start every lunch and dinner meal with a leafy green salad that includes peppers and raw vegetables. Eat dry and warm meals seasoned with hot spices, such as wasabi, cayenne or red pepper. Include millet and roasted grains in your recipes, but avoid wheat products.

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      Avoid avocados, all types of oil, root vegetables (including potatoes), dairy and fried foods. Snack on apples, cranberries or pears.

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      Use a heating pad on your lower back daily and stay out of the cold. If you must endure cold weather, cover your neck and mouth with a scarf.

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      Drink warm ginger tea in moderation throughout the day. Avoid drinking cold water.

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      Take one tablespoon of raw honey every day to help release excess kapha. Avoid all other sweets and sweeteners.

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      Practice yoga to increase flexibility, or engage in another form of exercise. Increased mobility helps the body break down congestion.

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