How to Get Root Permission for an Android Wi-Fi Tether

Rooted Android phones allow you to customize many aspects of your phone, ranging from application selections to background preferences. However, this enhanced level of customization also carries over to application permissions -- if you don't grant an application permission on your phone, it won't be allowed to properly run. With the proper settings tweaks, though, you can easily grant permission to apps, allowing you to do tasks such as wireless tethering.

Things You'll Need

  • Rooted Android smartphone


    • 1

      Open the app "Superuser" on your phone. This can be found in your applications folder. The exact location of the folder can vary, depending on your phone model, but it can usually be accessed near the bottom of any homepage.

    • 2

      Scroll through the programs listed under "Allow" in the "Apps" tab. These are the applications you've granted permission to on your phone.

    • 3

      Click your wireless tether program's Superuser entry if it's listed under "Deny" in the "Apps" tab. Click the "Allow" button to give root permission for your phone's wireless tether program.

    • 4

      Open up your wireless tether program if it's not listed at all in Superuser. Here, a Superuser prompt should appear onscreen before the app fully loads -- this will ask whether you want to give the program permission to run. Press the "Allow" button to grant the app root permission.


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