How to Turn Your Laptop Into a High Frequency Dog Repellent

Use high frequency sounds to help to train your dog.
Use high frequency sounds to help to train your dog. (Image: DTP/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Dogs, especially puppies, can be destructive at times. When puppies are teething or dogs are bored, they may decide to chew on inappropriate items. Dogs will get into things or get up on furniture. If you want to find a humane way to keep your dog away from a spot in your house, look no further than your laptop. By downloading high frequency sound files, turn your laptop into a dog repellant and train your dog to stay away from such items.

Go to an audio downloading site that offers high frequency sound files. Sites such as Jet City Orange, Free Sound Project and Sound Bible have audio files that are comparable to a dog whistle (see Resources).

Search for high frequency files in the search space. Find one that your dog can hear, but that doesn’t bother anyone else in the household too much.

Save the MP3 or WAV file on your hard drive. You can play the file when you need to.

Tell your dog “No” when he is misbehaving, getting into things or trying to get on the furniture. Follow up with a clip of the high frequency audio file.

Continue training your dog by playing the audio file when he is near whatever you want to repel him from. It won’t take long before the audio repellant is no longer needed and the verbal command is enough.

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