How to Spat Tape


Spat taping, or "spatting," is much more than a fashion statement. Though using colored spat tape or writing messages on the tape does add flair to the player's appearance, it is also helpful against potential injuries. The spat tape process involves wrapping sports tape around the outside of the shoe in a way that provides additional ankle support. The spatting process is fairly straightforward and may be altered to fit your particular arch or ankle support needs.

Things You'll Need

  • Cleats
  • 2-inch wide spat tape or sports tape
  • Scissors
  • Put on your cleats and tie the laces as tightly as possible without sacrificing comfort. Once the spat tape is on, you will not be able to adjust the laces.

  • Hold your foot at a 90 degree angle with the toe pointing straight up.

  • Unroll about 3 inches of spat tape and stick the end to the side of the cleat opposite the instep.

  • Wrap the tape over the top of the laces and around the arch of the foot.

  • Angle the tape toward your ankle as it reaches the starting point of the initial bottom wrap.

  • Pull the tape around the front of the shoe, slightly higher than the tongue. Wrap the tape around the back of the Achilles tendon and back to the side where you started the process. The entire motion creates a figure eight of sorts.

  • Create two additional figure eights in the same manner. Overlap each new figure eight over approximately half the width of the previous one moving back towards the ankle and down towards the heel with each pass.

  • Cut eight strips of tape long enough to wrap around the heel from the middle of the instep to the middle of the outside edge of the cleat.

  • Place the lower edge of the first strip just above the line of the sole with one end taped to the spat tape covering the middle of the instep. Wrap the tape around the heel and secure it to the opposite side. Secure the tape as tightly as possible.

  • Repeat this step with three additional strips, overlapping approximately half of the previous strip as you work up towards the top of the cleat.

  • Reverse the order and tape the four remaining strips in the same manner from the top of the cleat down to the top of the sole.

  • Construct one or two additional figure eights around the cleat as described at the beginning of the process.

  • Apply two additional strips for aesthetics. Apply one strip to cover the laces in the desired fashion. Add the other strip to the top of the cleat around the Achilles tendon to finish the tape job.

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