How to Measure Strength & Weakness

One way to measure strengths and weaknesses is through job performance. Everyone has a set of abilities and talents they can bring to each job. Yet, once inside the workplace, employees usually fall on different sides of a performance line. Rarely is any employee perfect in every area of his duties. It takes much observation to verify job performance. Once revealed, you can use performance reviews to measure the strengths and weaknesses of each employee during an appraisal process.


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      Study work performance over time. Everyone makes mistakes or has a bad day. One complaint or missed deadline doesn't indicate a weakness. Avoid the mistake of waiting just weeks before the appraisal deadline to review an employee's work performance. A person who is normally a strong worker may be experiencing a stressful personal situation that is negatively affecting his performance for a short period of time.

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      Measure strengths and weaknesses against the requirements of the job. An employee may have a nice sense of humor, but this is not necessarily a strength. She may be easy to work with, but is a weak problem solver, for example.

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      Review each employee separately and determine if his strengths are above the "satisfactory" line. His strengths should be consistent. Indicate if his abilities add value to the company. Strong work habits that are valuable to any job include punctuality, exceeding expectations, sense of urgency to complete duties and an attention to detail.

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      Identify weaknesses that fall below the "satisfactory" line. Failing to complete assignments, absenteeism, errors, co-worker issues and inability to follow instructions are weaknesses that affect performance and productivity in the workplace.

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      Praise the employee for her strengths and successes. Choose one or two weaknesses and discuss improvement with the employee in the next appraisal. Set goals and steps that person can take to reach those outcomes. Awareness is the first step to higher performance and productivity in the workplace.

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