How to Get the Death Mountain Spiritual Stone in "Ocarina of Time"


"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" was released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 and later for the GameCube, Wii and 3DS. In "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" one of Link's quests involves locating the three spiritual stones: Kokiri's emerald, Zora's sapphire and Goron's ruby. The spiritual stones allow Link to unseal the Door of Time, which guards the Master Sword in the Temple of Time. The Goron's ruby is the spiritual stone of fire located in the Death Mountain area. Goron's ruby is a treasured relic of the Goron race that can only be obtained by gaining the trust of their leader, Darunia.

  • Travel to the Goron capital at the top of Death Mountain in the northeast corner of Hyrule. Descend to the lowest level and perform "Zelda's Lullaby" on your ocarina while standing on the mat in front of the sealed door. After the cut scene, walk through the door and speak with Darunia. Perform "Saria's Song" for Darunia to receive the Goron Bracelet.

  • Exit Goron City, following the Death Mountain path until you reach a single Goron sitting by a bomb flower. Pull the bomb flower from the ground and throw it over the fence behind the Goron. Aim for the large boulder in the cavern below. The bomb flower will blow up the boulder, granting you access to Dodongo's Cavern. If you miss the boulder on your first attempt, wait a few seconds for the bomb flower to respawn and try again.

  • Enter Dodongo's cavern. Make your way through the dungeon, defeating any enemies you encounter. Head to the second floor and advance through the chambers to King Dodongo's lair. Avoid the spike traps along the way. Some doors can only be opened by completing specific tasks or puzzles, including lighting torches, flipping switches, blowing up boulders and moving statues.

  • Defeat King Dodongo, the dungeon's large dinosaur boss. Pick up bomb flowers from the ground and throw them into his mouth when he opens it to breathe fire. When he falls to the ground, hit him with your sword. Hide in a corner when he begins to roll around the room. Repeat this process until you defeat him.

  • Exit Dodongo's Cavern. When you defeat King Dodongo, a warp pad will appear in the room. Stand on it and press "A" to leave the dungeon. Exiting Dodongo's Cavern will trigger a cut scene with King Darunia. He will thank you for ridding the cavern of monsters and give you Goron's Ruby as a gesture of gratitude.

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