How to Translate Voicemail to Text Messages

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SMS allows you to access voice mails when unable to listen.

Voice mail to text messaging allows recipients to view voice messages on a phone through text messaging. These services allow you to read your messages without the need to access your voice mail service. There are a number of providers that offer the ability to subscribe to voice mail to text messaging including PhoneTag, Callwave and Youmail. The fee for these services varies from provider to provider and the number of message you have access to each much will vary.


  1. PhoneTag

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      Navigate to the PhoneTag website and click "Sign Up Now" and create an online account. As of May 2011, PhoneTag offers service starting at 35 cent per message and each plan offers a one week free trial.

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      Visit your email provider website and log in to your account. Open the email sent by PhoneTag and follow the instructions to activate your account.

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      Enter your mobile phone number as one of the endpoints for your voice mail text. After your have created the specifics for your account and activated your service you will begin to receive voice mail messages as text messages.


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      Open your web browser and visit the Callwave website. Click the "Products" drop down list and select "Voicemail-To-Text." Callwave is available for Apple users, BlackBerry and Smartphones.

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      Click the package you would like to purchase and click "Try It Free." Enter your personal information and select your phone model and click "Continue."

    • 6

      Enter your payment information and click "Start Activation." You will be sent an email and text message providing your account information. Your voice mail messages will be sent to the email account and in a text message to the mobile phone number provided.


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      Navigate to the Youmail website and click "Create An Account." Youmail is available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

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      Enter your mobile phone number and click "Get Activation Code." Your activation code will be sent to your phone in a text message. Enter your personal information and your activation code and click "Create My Account" on your computer. You account will be activated and you will be provided with a Youmail voice mail acccount.

    • 9

      Click "You Mail Store" on the top left of your account login screen and select "Transcription Plans."

    • 10

      Click the transcription plan you would like to purchase and click "Add To Cart." Click your payment method and enter your credit card information.

    • 11

      Click the "Place Your Order" button after reviewing your order and payment information. You will see a message that says "Your order has been successfully submitted." Your messages will begin to be transcribed immediately.

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