How to Make Fancy Emoticons With Your Keyboard

Emoticons are creative combinations of keyboard symbols and letters that make up a picture. Emoticons help convey the emotional meaning of a typed phrase, or take the place of words altogether. When you rely on the written word alone for conversation, such as in a chat room or text message, it is difficult to convey what your tone of voice or posture would in person. Use fancy emoticons for fun and to avoid confusion and ambiguity in electronic conversations.


    • 1

      Type ;-)}<////> to suggest that someone is a corporate drone. The necktie indicates that the recipient has a buttoned-up personality.

    • 2

      Use @)--`---,----- to send an electronic rose.

    • 3

      Send :-)..... to indicate that you are drooling.

    • 4

      Show your patriotism by sending an emoticon that could represent Abraham Lincoln or Uncle Sam: =|:-)=

    • 5

      Type o-<:-{{{ to celebrate Christmas and represent Santa.

    • 6

      Use ><*:oDX to indicate that someone is a clown.

    • 7

      Send !#!^*&:-) to suggest that someone is having mood swings.

    • 8

      Enter ===:[OO']>:=== to say that someone got railroaded.

    • 9

      Use <0/\/_ to indicate that someone is being a worm.

    • 10

      Send *|:^)(.)(...) to celebrate a snowstorm.

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