How to Protect Your Printer From Theft

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Photographing your belongings helps with insurance and police investigation.

Computer printers are frequently stolen for their value to counterfeiters. Printers, especially older models, are popular among less sophisticated criminals because instructions on how to use them for counterfeiting are easily available online. Printers are also stolen because they are difficult to trace and are unsecured, presenting a crime of opportunity. However, physically securing a printer to a fixture and inscribing identification information onto the printer body will help deter thieves and enable recovery in the event of theft.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer anti-theft cable
  • Engraver
  • Camera
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  1. Secure your Printer

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      Place your printer in a secure location, such as a closet with a lock. This hides the printer out of sight of criminals.

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      Place the printer next to a fixture or heavy piece of furniture.

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      Install the printer anti-theft cable to the frame of your printer. Wrap the other end around the fixture.

    Make your Printer Traceable

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      Provide the serial number and your name to the manufacturer to register yourself as the owner of the printer. Many manufacturers maintain a database of owners for warranty and customer service purposes. This database is also used by law enforcement.

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      Engrave your name and driver's license number on the printer. Many pawn shops will not accept property from a person whose driver's license does not match that on the property.

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      Photograph the printer and keep it on file with the serial number. Use the photograph to make an insurance claim in the event of a theft.

Tips & Warnings

  • Homeowner's or renter's insurance may cover loss from theft. It is advisable to document all valuables and insure them. Taking photographs is a quick way to keep a record of your belongings.

  • Beware of securing your printer to furniture that is more valuable than the printer. A determined criminal may damage the furniture to get to the printer.

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