How to Find Telekinesis in "BioShock"


In "BioShock," the Telekinesis plasmid lets you pick up an object with your mind; you can even throw the object for high physical damage at the expense of some EVE. Combat isn't the only use telekinesis has, however; this plasmid ability extends your reach with containers and other items otherwise too far to access.

  • Enter the Medical Pavilion, the second level in the game. You'll automatically gain access to this level once you've completed "Welcome to Rapture."

  • Walk up and to the right to find the lit Dandy Dental sign on the ceiling. This is the second of four medical areas on this floor, tucked between Kure-All and Painless Dental.

  • Interact with the Gatherer's Garden inside Dandy Dental, waiting deep in the northwest corner of the room. You can order the last remaining Telekinesis plasmid available at no cost.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use Telekinesis to search items behind hostile enemies before they notice you. Even without enemies, this ability lets you scan a room without having to walk close to everything in it, which can be a time-saver.
  • When coupled with the Incinerate plasmid, you can create Molotov cocktails and switch to Telekinesis, throwing them at groups of enemies who will understandably panic when they are doused in flames.
  • Get creative; try affixing some Proximity Mines to an object you can pick up with Telekinesis, and launch it at a powerful enemy -- like a Big Daddy.
  • Despite the in-game advertisement offering a slim-down plasmid as an alternative to Telekinesis, no such choice actually exists.
  • Although you can pick up objects with Telekinesis for free, throwing the object costs 15 EVE; be sure to remember this during combat.

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