How to Organize Your Moleskine


Organize your Moleskine® notebook so that you can find your notes more quickly when you need them. Binder clips or other movable page dividers are bulky and cause imprints in the pages of your notebooks. Divide your Moleskine with materials that are more attractive and will not damage the pages over time. Moleskines are customizable and free resources are available online to add a template to the pages. Follow a specific procedure to efficiently customize your Moleskine and maximize its usefulness.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Sticky notes
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Double-sided tape
  • Photo corners
  • Ruler
  • Divide the pages of your Moleskine notebook into as many sections as you want and slip pieces of paper between the sections to keep them separate while you work. Designate sections to topics that you normally write in your notebooks such as creative ideas, quotes that you like or reminders for things that you need to do. Divide them evenly or make one section thicker than the other if you write more reminders than creative ideas. You may want to write the name of the sections -- for example, "Ideas" or "Quotes" -- on the slips of paper that separate the sections.

  • Remove a sticky note from the pad and make sure you have a different color of sticky note for each section. Cut the sticky note along the edge of the adhesive. Stick half of the sticky side vertically along the edge of the beginning page of the first section near the top corner of the page. Carefully fold the sticky tab over the edge of the page and smooth it out so that it's stuck on both sides of the page. Write the name of the section on the colored sticky tab in pen or just remember that this color is the start of the "Ideas" section. Use a different color tab for each section.

  • Print out template pages for calendars and cut them so that they're slightly smaller than the size of the pages of your Moleskine. Stick double-sided tape to the back of the calendar page and remove the backing to the other adhesive side. Carefully apply the taped calendar pages to the pages in the section that you designated to planning in a calendar format. Apply these calendar pages to the fronts of the pages and reserve the backs for notes. You can do the same with other templates such as graph paper.

  • Stick photo corners on the front or back inside covers of the Moleskine notebook so that you can mount small photos or business cards for quick access. Photo corners are self-sticking pockets shaped like triangles. Peel off the backing papers and use a ruler to make sure you space them out according to the dimensions of the photo or business card. Slip the corners of the photo into the corner pockets.

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