How to Clean Memory in Epson T10 Printers

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Remove any spooled jobs before power cycling the T10.

The Epson Stylus T10 is a color ink printer that can also print borderless photos. Most of the time when you experience a paper jam or other problem with the Epson T10 the fix is relatively fast and easy. You simply remove the jammed paper or clean the print head and continue printing. At times, however, the error message will persist even after the physical issue has been resolved. When that happens, clearing the memory on the T10 is often the best way to get the unit back in service.


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      Power the Epson T10 on and wait for the green ready light to come on and stay on steady. Pull the power cord from the back of the unit without powering the unit on first.

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      Log on to your computer and click the "Start" button and then choose "Control Panel." Open the "Printers" applet, then double-click the Epson T10 and look for any spooled jobs.

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      Right-click any spooled jobs and choose "Cancel." Wait for the jobs to disappear from the queue.

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      Leave the T10 unplugged for at least 10 to 15 minutes to give the memory time to clear. Plug the Epson T10 back in and press the power button to start it back up.

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