How to Write a Cancellation Letter for Back Orders

Send a cancellation letter for back orders to the company to document the cancellation.
Send a cancellation letter for back orders to the company to document the cancellation. (Image: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

If you placed an order for goods that are back-ordered, there are several reasons you might decide to cancel the order. You might need the goods immediately and therefore want to order them from another supplier, or you may decide you simply do not want the goods anymore. When you decide to cancel goods on back order, it is often a good idea to write down your cancellation request and send it to the supplier as soon as you make this decision.

Determine the need to cancel the order. As soon as you decide that you definitely want to cancel the order, put it in writing and send it to the company. By writing a letter and sending it, you have documented proof of the cancellation request. This helps avoid misunderstandings or accidental shipments of the goods.

Address the letter. Use company letterhead, if available, and write the company’s name and address that the order was placed with. Include a reference line that states your account number and a contact name. Begin by writing “To Whom It May Concern.”

Introduce yourself. Start writing the letter by stating your company name and the account number you have with this particular company. State your name and the position you hold with the company.

State the purpose of the letter. Include an invoice number, if available, and order date for the back order you wish to cancel. Tell the reader that the goods on this invoice were back-ordered and that you no longer wish to receive the goods. Clearly state that you are writing this letter to let the company know that you want to cancel the goods that are currently on back order.

Offer a reason. If you needed the goods immediately and ordered them from another company, be honest and tell the company that the receipt of these goods was time sensitive. Explain that in order to fulfill your customers’ needs you felt obligated to purchase the goods from a different supplier that had them in stock.

End the letter by thanking the company for understanding and for updating their records for this transaction. Sign your name and include your title and phone number.

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