How to Make Paint in "Minecraft"


"Minecraft" is an expansive, three-dimensional computer game first released in mid-2009. In this game, you create a number of different things, only bound by your imagination and the items in the game. One thing you can play with is wool dye, commonly referred to as paint. These paints let you dye wool or the sheep that bear it, changing its color to one of 16 different colors.

  • Obtain bonemeal. Wait until the nighttime and defeat the skeletons that spawn. They will drop up to two bones upon death. Placing bones in a crafting grid will produce one bonemeal per bone.

  • Obtain the dye you wish to use. The primary colors must be crafted from objects, and secondary colors are crafted by mixing two primary dyes together. Place roses on a crafting table to get red dye. Place dandelions on a crafting table to get yellow dye. Mine lapis lazuli ore to obtain 4 to 8 piece of blue dye.

  • Obtain ink. Go into the ocean at any time and defeat squid.

  • Place bonemeal and an ink sac on a crafting table to create black dye. Add more bonemeal to get grey and lighter shades of grey.

  • Scroll through your inventory to equip your desired dye.

  • Right-click a sheep to dye it. Left-click the sheep once to shave it of its wool, and it will be in the color you dyed it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dyed wool can be placed like building blocks, letting you "paint" the walls of your house.

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