How to Customize Love Letters

Send your significant other a love letter if he or she is away at school, on business, deployed overseas or away for another reason, though distance is not the only reason to send a love letter. Write love letters simply to remind the person how much you love and appreciate him or her or as part of an anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas or birthday present. Customize your letter with images and embellishments that have meaning to you and your loved one.

Things You'll Need

  • Wallpaper scraps, paper bag scraps or other paper of significance to you
  • Photos (optional)
  • Movie and ticket stubs (optional)
  • Cologne or perfume
  • Magazine and book pages
  • Art materials (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tape


    • 1

      Write your love letter on a piece of paper that has meaning to you and your significant other. Ideas include writing a letter on a piece of scrap wallpaper from the apartment you are renting as a couple, paper bags like those used for doggy bags from your first date, or the back of a paper drawn to look like a movie ticket or other item from your early dating life together.

    • 2

      Write about topics dear to both of you, such as a favorite date or vacation, when you first realized you loved your significant other, what you miss about the person and what you love about the person. Incorporate favorite song lyrics or poems or lyrics you feel represent your feelings towards the person.

    • 3

      Draw or otherwise decorate the letter with images of significance to your relationship, such as movie stubs from first dates, clips from invitations to weddings and events you attended together, pictures of the two of you, favorite snack food wrappers and any other embellishments you feel are important.

    • 4

      Spritz the love letter with your perfume, cologne or other body splash you normally wear to remind your significant other of your scent.

    • 5

      Make an envelope rather than using a standard white business or greeting card envelope. Measure the size of your folded letter and create the envelope based on those dimensions. Cut out images of significance to you from magazines, books and newspapers ---- layer as many as necessary until you have a thick envelope. Fold and tape your envelope as necessary after you have addressed it and placed the letter inside the envelope.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider dripping candle wax (the kind specifically designed for sealing envelopes) on your envelope to seal it.
  • Paste plain Valentine's cards together as another option for writing your letter.
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