How to Cook Food on Minecraft


Cooking food in "Minecraft" is an effective way to replenish your hearts, the icons that represent your character's health, if you took on damage. Monsters come out at night and, if you had to fight any of them, you should eat to regain your health. Eating cooked food is more beneficial, since it gives more health, compared to raw food. Various food sources are in the game, from hunting pigs, fishing and growing vegetables.

Things You'll Need

  • Fuel source
  • 8 Cobblestones
  • Raw food
  • Wood
  • Gather the raw food you want to cook. Kill wandering pigs for raw pork, which is the easiest to find and collect, and also gives you more health back. Fish can also be collected, but requires string to make the fishing pole, which can be difficult to gather.

  • Build a Crafting Table by putting four wood planks in the crafting grid in your inventory.

  • Use the crafting table, which gives you a 3-by-3 crafting grid, to build a furnace. The furnace requires eight cobblestones arranged around the 3-by-3 grid, so the center box is empty.

  • Right-click the furnace once you place it on the ground and it will bring up the smelting menu. Choose the food you want to cook and the fuel you want to use. Wood is the easiest and most readily-available fuel source, but you can also use coal.

  • Put the food in the top box and the fuel in the bottom box of the furnace menu. The flame bar lights up, showing you how much fuel you have left to use for cooking. The raw food you put in the top box will start cook; when the arrow bar is full, the food is done. Grab the food out of the furnace and place the next piece in the top box. Use more fuel if necessary.

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